Established September 2017


The Triangle Craft Beer Alliance was created for craft beer breweries, businesses and individuals who demonstrate their long-term commitment and passion to the brewing of exceptional beer in the Triangle of North Carolina. TCBA is designed to resonate with those who love North Carolina, care about growth in our industry, support local businesses and enjoy good beer. 


We are

Proud Members


Board of Directors

Cheryl Lane (Double Barley Brewing)

Paul Wasmund (Bond Brothers Beer Co.)

Chris Creech (Glass Jug Beer Lab)

Dave Tollefsen (NC Beer Guys)

Jennifer Martin (Shop Local Raleigh/ Brewgaloo)

Thomas Vincent (Nazz'd Brew Works and Pub)

Devin Singley (Bombshell Brewing)

Seth Gross (Bull City Burger and Brewery)

Eric Ghiloni (Koi Pond Brewing)

Executive Board 

President- Amy Hanson (Raleigh Brewing)

Vice President- Mike Cook (Glover Corp)

Treasurer- Korey Sullivan (Bottle Rev Apex)

Secretary- Jay Bond (Bond Brothers Beer Co.)

Committee Chairs

                                   Bylaws Committee- Seth Gross                                         Fundraising Committee- Thomas Vincent

                                   Events Committee- Chris Creech                                       Brewers Interest Committee- Paul Wasmund

                                   Marketing Committee- Amy Hanson                                  Membership Committee- Rueben Stocks

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